Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Muscles over the skeleton

Its been hours that I'm working on these muscles. It's a complex thing and it takes a loooot of time for people that is not used to see people without skin.
I am 1 week later on this assignment, but I'm glad that we had the drawing class and we've been introduced to bones and muscles too. It's really good when the classes talk about the same subject!
Than I remembered that I brought from Brasil the book Anatomy for the artist, and I am looking at the muscles and trying to rebuild them in 3d. After a long time this is what I have....... so I'm going to read about directing because I'm already tired of trying to put all these ctrl vertexes in the right place, and later I come back to work.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Aeeewwww povo! seguinte! daki pra frente o blog vai contah pra aula, entaum vai T Q seh em inglês...... vou jah mudah o layout (Q naum dah p seh bilingue) e, pelo menos por esse quarter, os posts saem com tradução pra kem se perdeh ae.... (q tb naum vai seh mta gente... ou vai! c/ esse meu ingleiz d índio - sem kereh ofender os índios, claro!) - ##e a pessoa ainda fala como se desse pra entendeh o português dela..... -->ignora!!##
Eh isso aeeewww povo! Teh!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

As meninas

Polette e Tekila. Naum saun lindas as moçoilas?!?
Preparando pro começo do quarter... logo mais vo teh 1 mont d coisa p postah ake... e se panz o blog vai teh 1a versaun em ingreiz, viu q xike??
issu aeeeeeeee
eh noiz!