Wednesday, June 17, 2009

SSs of the rigs

rig test animation

just a poor animation, to see if the rig was working, and to chock the paint weights on the legs - which were a nightmare! Pw done only in component editor   =O

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

+ tree tests

still as not colored shadows as I wanted, but I'd better keep trying at home!

problems w/ the permultiplying in the alpha channel

is it possible to create an alpha channel in maya without permultiplying it w/ any color?? just the way after fx does?

mooooore tree tests

the white test is because I think it was getting toooooooo much colorfull.... But I like it though!

cube people

this was funny

Monday, June 15, 2009

one more

Thaaaanks for the idea, Andrew! Here it is, the test with only one colored glass egg. Seeing this one so colored alone makes me think that when I have all of them full of colors placed on the tree it's going to be a carnaval! So I'd better think more carefully about the colors and saturations.
And I know that it is a little bit outside the context, but i L.O.V.E.D the typetree!!! do you really think it does not make sense?

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Tree tests

leafs? eggs? type? heeeeeeelllpppp!!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

tree + animals + clouds + red sky

just  a test.
the permultiplied black is driving me crazy!!!! I miss so much Afx when I'm working w/ photoshop hahahh

tree + animals

I've done some planes w/ watercolor textures to put on the ground. Now I think it's too tinny, but as it always takes forever to render, I really don't feel like rendering again right now. 
Even after a couple of tests, I still think the sun is too bright, it is overexposing everythg! I had already changed its angle several times, but it doesnt seem to be enough. Is there a way of making lights a little bit more dull??
Ah! And it's better for me to rush to composite this w/ clouds here, because it took me about 30h to do it at the school because photoshop was almost dying to handle my file...... and it was just a low res picture, 720x480px!!!! Can you believe it?!?!?!!? O_o

flying whale + texture

one more pet for the tree world heheheheh OMG seriously, I could do this forever!!! The problem is that if I was to rig all of these guys it would take me 10 years to finish the short heheheh
anyway, they can be beautiful helping the composition in the background.

now the tree has all the leafs!!!

If I use the leafs without the "3" subdivision mode, the render time goes about 10' down!!!!! 
Btw, do you think that my leafs are too tinny?? Do you think that my tree is too bald?!?