Sunday, October 16, 2011

Lado Nix :D

Lado Nix (Nix Side, in English) is the webseries we're making at Mambo Jack Studios. It'll be up on oct 27 (yayyyyy excited excited excited!)
It's been a fun project to work on. Really challenging, great direction, awesome team... and I could have the chance to work on tons VFX. Learning a LOT!
here's the trailer... (don''t forget to turn on CC for subtitles)

Can't wait for the next season!! :D


  1. Nuss, que do nada, eu tava acompanhando essa série e nem sabia que vc tava envolvida, rsrsrs

  2. Nuossa, Mau, q do nada isso hahah... Mais estranho ainda vc achar ake no blog em vez de no fb. Posto sempre sobre os episodios novos. Entaoooo...Fiz os vfx e motion gfx da serie. Onde foi que vc achou?tah gostando? Bj