Wednesday, April 1, 2009

changing shaders!

In the last presentation it was suggested to me to change the shaders of some of the organic creatures, so the only reflective and metal-plastic like creatures would be the ones from the mechanical world. I agree with them. Everything would make more sense if I do this. So I'm changing some shaders to try a less machine like look for my organic chars. What do you think?


  1. totally in agreement. I do like the darker spots on the ladybug however. Additionally, the iridescence of the eyes on the lady bug, now that the pattern is reduced in scale, seems to be too pronounced.

  2. Thaaaanks Andrew! I don't really know how to make the black dots remain black, as I've applied an incandescence in the obj... I was thinking about making a layered shader... but I couldn't find the layered that works with MR! If I make a normal layered shader it won't work if I render with MR, will it?