Saturday, April 4, 2009

the dancing animal

... without eyes and mouth. I'm not really sure about how to model these very cartoony mouths.... and I have no idea what I can do with the eyes! Ah! There are 3 lines of hair on the top of his head. I still didn't do anything because I don't know if I should use real hair or cloth or geometry+joints.... no idea!!! 
And about the little balls moving around his hair... I could make some simple particles.... or I could add later.... make it on AFx.... or on Mograph... I still don't know which is the best option... probably I'll have to make several tests.
Anyway, I've got a starting point! 
And he's yellow because he is the most happy char of the movie. he dances and sings and screams, so happy he is! I think he should be this shinny yellow! Isn't it happy?? XD But I still think a pink would also fit well on him. 

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