Wednesday, July 29, 2009

1st scene of the cube in the city

my poor cube is in the shadow!

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  1. hooray! first shots are in. this is exactly why we are doing this exercise, please point it out during the week to Victor, Caitlin, and Holly... by setting up this shot you were able to see that cubey9000 is too much in shadow. SO, your next task is to use soft directional, point or area lights to create some fill lighting so that in this shot we can see him better. Each shot may need it's own lighting setup to focus our attention as the audience in the correct part of the screen.

    you could this with simple fill lights as mentioned, or perhaps the city has street lights on each block that help out? You are not modeling street lights on every block, but setting them up shot by shot if you decide to do this.

    also, before you are done with this shot, you need to delete or hide every building that isn't in the frame (or visible in reflections) to speed up your render time.