Thursday, July 16, 2009

Dynamics in Maya and C4D

Here is my homework... the mouse trap ... Talanta trap, in this case... done in Maya. Still no texturing or lighting, but the dynamics are working well. Here you can have all the options ever, but I noticed that the rigid bodies have a terrible tendency to interpenetrate each other, so they get stuck together and behave just as they were 1 object. This issue has driving me crazy for some years, and still I do not know what to do to avoid these guys to overlap =/

And here I have some balls falling on the disk, from Nick's tutorial at GSG. Great stuff here! For sure it's impossible to compare the complexity of both, particles for maya and C4D. The way C4D thinks is a little bit different... we need to kinda buffer the dynamics before... really weird... but it seems much lighter too! The center of the disk gets sticky somehow, and I still couldn't figure out how to make the balls jump more, specially if the ground surface is flat.... but what made me really happy is that the little balls REALLY COLLIDE, they do not overlap or interpenetrate!!!! Isn't it amazing?

That's it! I'll keep working on both of them, to discover which tool is better for each specific situation ;)

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