Friday, September 4, 2009

AO issues #2

why the AO renders fast when I render 1 frame in the render window, but it takes about 1hour to render with the batch render???


  1. How are you setting up the occlusion, with a shader override (like this: )

    or with a render pass (like this: )

    The gray is coming from the occlusion max distance being very far.

    Make sure you do a render settings override for FG and GI, and remove all lights in your AO render layer.

  2. I'm creating the AO with the shader override!!
    but I'll try the render pass. I'm creating the contribution pass right now! Lets see what I can get!

  3. ehhhh..... with the contribution, my AO pass comes out blank. I must've been doing sthg wrong..... I'll double check on your website!