Sunday, March 8, 2009

Milions of tests with the tree

Ok. I was doing OK with the trunk in Zbrush. Then I tried to go to Maya or to Photoshop to continue editing the texture and guess what? I didn't work! I think maybe Zbrush flipped my texture, I'm not sure of what happened.... but OK. And also, I was not able to do the muscle texture in zbrush... so I went to photoshop to make the texture. After I need to export from Zbrush the dips maps.. I still don't know how... but I will discover. Here is the tree in photoshop--->
Isn't it cool? I loved these muscles!! But I noticed some parts that would stay forever with a little fold, and I don't understand why is this....
... but OK... I went to Maya even with these strange things going on. Ah detail! I started from scratch because I didn't know if I will use the zbrush file, nor how I can do it... so I thought.. OK, I think about it later. Then I started making the twigs with all the leaves I had cutted another day. here it is! =D
It almost looks like a small tree! And then I did some watercolor leaves and I've done another twig only with watercolor leaves. And I like this one much more than the real leaves one. But I'll put them together in the tree
Then I went back to Maya to put everything together. Ah! I also forgot to tell about the nankin branch! I did a watercolor drawing of some branches and animated it growing up in after effects. Then I exported all the sequence in tiff and also in mov, I've done another branch, I've UVed this branch and dropped the texture on it. In  Maya, it says it recognizes the texture, but I cannot render it! Why is this? When I try w/ MR, it says MR cannot find the source file, when I try w/ maya soft, it renders only the preview image, without changing as frames pass by and without calculate the transparency. It only works when I use only one tiff of the drawing =/
And here are all my other tests with leaves, trunk from photoshop and everything else. The trunk got weird things going on w/ the texture... I also don't know why.... But I'm really tired of working on this tree, so I'll come back to it again when I know where to start again heheehh

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