Monday, March 2, 2009

UVs... finally!

Wowww!!! I cannot believe I finally could finish UVing this tree! I've been fighting with these UVs during the hole day!!!! Now I need to know how to fix the problem on zbrush...... actually, when I was unwrapping these UVs, I noticed some weird geometry in 2 specific places.... just as if I would have extruded the branch 10 times before moving it..... I don't know why this happened while I was modeling... I thought that maybe I could  have added too much CVs in the beginning of the curve that I used to extrude this branch.... anyway, the UVs were not working in this area.... I think maybe it's because I had a looooot of geometry overlapping, I don't know.... so I had to move this vertices. Will it make it impossible for me to get the map I've done in Zbrush? Probably! well.... 2 or 3 hours of zbrushing are less than 1 day UVing heheeh 
I wanted to try to do the rag flower and after this weekend, I decided I want to make some extra branches going up the tree, but with a watercolor texture, very transparent.... I thought I would have time to do all this on sunday, but the UVing was already too much for me. If I can find some more time during the week, that's what I want to try!! ^_^ Ah! and also some rag leaves and watercolor leaves!and metal leaves! heheheh
I wish I had 80 hour long days heheheh

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