Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Camera export from C4D to Maya

... and now from Maya to C4D too!!!!
It took me a while to figure out how to make the cameras from C4D work on Maya. Everythg that comes from C4D is HUGE, and it doesnt matter to change the scale when u're importing, its always the same. So I've tried to create 2 empty groups, inside one of them I put the animated camera from C4D (it automatically gets baked when exporting to fbx) and inside the other one I put the obj from C4D, to be used as a reference (as its almost impossible to simply bake mograph stuff). Then, I just scaled down both the groups and "Ta-daaaaaa" (heahheah) it worked perfectly!!!
On the opposite direction (from Maya to C4D), things work in a similar way if u export the scene to fbx. The only thg I've noticed is that if you do not check the option box for "baking animation" (inside the animation + tab) on Maya Fbx export window, C4D does not understand the animation data. And back to C4D, stuff from Maya works great! =D


  1. Deinhai,

    Do you have a simple setup I might look at that exports the camera out for C4D, and the resulting CD4 makeup file after the import?

    I have tried doing this with Maya 2009 into C4D 11.5. It is looks like the field of view of the cameras are off slightly.

    I am using the FBX export with baking on. Reallllllly close, and hoping you might be able to help.


  2. I export the camera as an OBJ and then as an FBX? The OBJ isn't importing into maya.

  3. ok ok, I got the camera and a box/plane as reference to size. I try scaling everything down but it only changes the size of the camera and obj's. I try "Camera Scale" in the attributes of the camera and its not working properly. What option/attribute do I need to change to get the camera scale correct?