Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cameras for Afx

OK. Everybody's talking to everybody now.
Finally I could fix all the bugs and make it work on Afx.
I know that it seems really easy to export C4D cameras to Afx, but GOD, it took me a while to find out that the plugin that needs to be installed on Afx is not available for download.... it actually comes inside the C4D application folder!!! Why nobody talks about that on the forums?!?!?! Well, once it's installed, it works. or kind of works, cause I've got a bug a couple times, in which Afx wouldnt import any camera keyframes (!!!) and then I just did everythg again about 5 times (I didn't believe it was not working...) and suddenly it worked!!! (?) yeh, it makes no sense at all....
... and with Maya everythg was soooo much easier!!! Afx reads .ma files, so that was just importing the .ma file and it was working beautifully!!! and the best thg is that we get a clean timeline =D
I just need to do the tests now to see if everythg matches, but I'll think about it after, it's already too late now. or too early... O_o

camera from Maya

camera from C4D

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