Saturday, February 28, 2009

Tree in Zbrush =D

Now I can really say I have a tree! =D I had forgotten how I love Zbrush heheheh 
The problem is that I was really stupid and forgot to UVing it in Maya before going to zbrush, so now, when I come back to Maya, I will have to do it all again... ouch! What is worse?? to reZbrush or to reUV? 
That's the price we pay for having this head full of soup and jellybeans =/  But I swear that by learning through pain, I will never do it again!

1 comment:

  1. You don't have to redo anything!

    -Export level 1 tree out of zbrush
    -Import tree back into Maya, BUT.... THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT:
    go to file-import-Options box.
    -In the options box, set the the file type from best guess to OBJ
    -scroll down to find the hidden option "Multiple objects" and make sure to UNCHECK that one. Otherwise you model will later explode when you bring it back to zbrush.
    -uv your tree
    -export it as an obj file.
    -back in zbrush, with your old tree open, drawn to the document, and in edit mode and at level one, go to TOOl-import and select your tree.
    -scroll back up to your top level. If your model doesn't explode, you did this correctly.
    -now your mesh has UVs