Friday, February 27, 2009

AECS4+PSCS4 test!

Just a quick test in the After FX CS4, because I have not had the opportunity to do it before! Isn't it cool? And really fast! Still not perfect, but enough to help making simple cute things faster ^^

Yeah.... that's why I L O V E Ae ^_^


Isso aeeeehhh povinhou! Testes com after CS4+3d layers no photoshop CS4! Meeeestre neh? Funciona mesmo! jhejhejhejh
Ainda naum tah perfeito, ma jah ajuda pra fazeh coisas bonitinhas e simples + rapido....

logo + posto 1 poko d Zbr pra vcz jhejhejh

bju bju!

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