Friday, February 20, 2009

My treeeeeeeeeeeeee =D


I had only some roots and today I came to the open maya+zbrush workshop - as I think it would be really nice to work with maya+zbrush again, specially in this case... besides, I miss zbrush so much!!!
Well, the guys gave me this idea of extruding my roots along curves, and I think it was great! It was fast and I got good results. Now it's time to move to zbrush and refine the modeling. But I think first I should transform all these forms in only one form.... and I also do not know if I should make the other branches in maya before going to zbrush..... well, I'll remember how to do this transition to zbrush and sculpting and coming back to see if I'll have to fix it later or do it again.
That's what I've got!! =D I still prefer the more square tree, but maybe it's because in the smooth one we can see that it is still a lot of trees instead of only one....

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  1. It was extruding along curves that I wanted your to see precisely. That was the hidden lesson in this plan :). Hope your are documenting your process for research project 1.