Sunday, February 8, 2009

Ear and UV unwrapping

Finally I have an ear! Not me, he has. I mean... I've always had 2... well, anyway I'm glad I could've done it, because this was the 1st ear I do without any instructor by my side saying... extrude this, pull this vertex and do this and that. Of course Andrew told me and Victor what to do before we really did it. And here it is!!! =D And now I have the mesh for you to see.
I started unwrapping this guy these days. It was pretty easy to unwrap the head, the arms and legs, but I couldn't unfold the body..... I've cut the edges from the underarms to the hips and also some more edges between the legs. My idea was to unfold it in the shoulder area, but I couldn't avoid a lot of overlapping, so I deleted and I'll try again later.
The cuts i've done in the hands didn't let me really unfold the thumb, and even the other fingers are really a big mess..... and about the feet.... I didn't even know how I could start cutting it!!!!
Well, let's continue trying!


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  2. The ear looks great, and the UVs looks like they are coming out well for the most part. There are several areas where there are overlap issues, like on the hand. Like I said last week though, we are going to start class tomorrow talking about more UVing, and you will see why the came out the way it did for you. (and we'll fix it).